After Effects Tutorial: Translucent Glass

Create a 3D Glass effect without 3rd Party Plug-ins

After Effects Tutorial Text Animation Motion Graphics

After Effects Tutorial: Translucent Glass

I will try the tutorials that make them about this program will present the best methods for editing / creating compositions.
Today we will discuss the main functions of the program menus and then we try to create an animation using keyframe-sized text and in the end we find out what is and what can be done with a mask.

I will present the basics of Adobe After Effects. This is the best program for creating audio-visual products are widely used by those who work in the field. With the help of After Effects can do various color corrections very good on filming and you can also add effects quite beautiful. In terms of menus, they are very well structured program but at first sight with a very friendly interface may not seem like a jungle of menus and options, though it is not.

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