How To Make $250 Day with Facebook Ads – Full Video (53 min)

How To Make Money, $250 Day with Facebook Marketing Strategy

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Because of Facebook Ads webinar made a few months ago was very well received, we thought we resume, this time adding a second part and to advanced. So there are two modules of 3 hours each, and the program we have below.

The basic idea is that when you affiliate with a link to the store, the link that contains a unique ID by which it can identify sales.
For example, on a clickbank affiliate link may look like this:
If there comes a second blogger, it will receive another link, which reflect his name and to mark his customers coming

Basic mode
Marketplace Ads
Page Post Ads
Promoted Posts
Sponsored Stories
Sponsored Results
How the system CPC (cost per click)
How the system works CPM (cost per mille)
– The system of bidding in campaigns Facebook
Setting up a campaign basic
Choose a type based on objective Ad
Best practices [I want to subscribe]

Advanced mode (second webinar, October 2):
How to manage multiple campaigns with Power Editor
How to optimize costs and get better results with A / B Testing and multivariate testing
How to set a campaign to defend a specific audience with the option Custom Audiences
How to follow through Conversion tracking conversions
What are and how to use the Remarketing Retargetarea and to bring more customers

Many people have heard about affiliate marketing as a profitable way to make money online.
We start with a small definition, then the advantages and disadvantages compared to other methods of traffic, then we’ll talk about some of the most popular methods affiliate networks where you can sign up right now to begin to monetize your site.

We see, therefore, that the equation affiliations occurs sometimes a 4th player:
Definition of affiliate marketing
And, indeed, is one of the best ways to make a consistent income every month without worry of products (whether or not information), commodity stocks and dissatisfied customers.

  1. Facebook ads
  2. Facebook ads targeting groups
  3. Facebook ads tricks
  4. Facebook ads tutorial
  • How to make money online know that may sound a cliché but there is no definition of it. Affiliate Marketing is a form of making money on the Internet (and beyond!) That is between seller and buyer and interposed a third person, called the affiliate.
    Role affiliate is to bring customers the seller against a percentage of the profits generated by the sale.
    Affiliate typical example is that of a blogger who joins a shoe store, for example, and in his articles about fashion, plus links to the store.

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