How to use and manage facebook ads! (2016)

This is a great tutorial to learn how to manage facebook ads, is a complete tutorial for how to manage your facebook advertising. Watch the video to see the each step on what you need to do in order to get more people on your website.

Why did you invest in Facebook Ads campaign when you already have a page that routinely post links, images and albums where one can even do live?

What should I do to create a campaign on Facebook?

Once in Facebook Ads Manager, select Facebook Ads account you want to run the ad, the ones you have in administration. Usually, it’s personal account and one or more accounts of your customers’ business.

Next on the agenda is to “bother” with a few essential steps:

Setting goals;
Selection criteria for targeting the audience;
Choosing placement of advertising;
Establish a budget and schedule of advertising;
Creating proper advertising and tracking enabled.

Here’s why.

First, because ads on Facebook are a great way to create your audience for a new page and to maintain an existing exposure. Without a little support from advertisements, a new page has only one way to attract new fans: slow and unreliable (through direct invitations to give Like and occasional emergence in News Feed your friends those who have already done this).

In addition, you certainly want to appear more often and in News Feed your new fans, not content with a simple Like. And if you have an event or you want to promote an app means that you want to get as many results as quickly. Using Facebook Ads, you can fire a greater engagement of fans to your brand in a significantly shorter time than if all this would happen organically.
As you may know, REACH organic decline of posts on Facebook pages began in 2013, when Facebook went from EdgeRank algorithm in machine learning algorithm. In 2014, organic Reach reached 6% and now in 2016, some studies show that it is closer to 2%. In other words, in 1000 gave people Like your page, only 20 have the chance to see what organically post there. Creatives can bring, but a reach well above 100%, depending on the quality of targeting and how much you are willing to invest in them.

Step 1.
Creating a facebook fanpage and set up some features in facebook page.

Step 2.
How to start boosting your facebook posts and how to create awesome cool facebook ads.

Step 3
How to start bringing traffic to your website using facebook ads. In addition, i will show you how to set up your pixel conversions and where you can get it!

Step 4
Lastly, I introduce you to facebook conversions and how to start making more sales for your facebook page!


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