Facebook Ads Tutorial – Free Video Course (202 min)

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What does this 2014 Facebook advertising video tutorial cover? Facebook Ads

Creating your User Experience from the Facebook page to landing page to posts.

Starting your Facebook page. Get to know your Facebook pages interface. Facebook Ads

Making your squeeze page with LeadPages.

Creating awesome posts.

Adding apps to your page and organizing them.

Free Facebook Video Course

Facebook Ads Tutorial 2014, 2015

facebook ads targeting groups

The percentage who have and use Facebook every day is very high. Based on this, we created a list of advantages and disadvantages in using Facebook Ads. The list is open and we can update together

Promotion through Facebook Ads offers you more accurate serving promotional messages. Age, language, gender, relationship status, location, education, work, are some criteria by which we can make the ads served through Facebook Ads to get fixed right place.

Facebook Ads Tutorial
Facebook Ads

One of the biggest benefits of Facebook is that people came and gave all the information about them. That‘s no great effort Facebook. If Google AdWords know that we are addressing an audience that is of interest to our product, but do not know who is behind the computer (when tendered sentence evening dresses can be a kid 12 years seeking and will not ever buy even if click on our advertisement) on Facebook know exactly who is behind the computer (sex, age, relationship, education, preferences, city, etc.)

One thing is certain: on facebook when we fast it just right. Choose the most beautiful pictures, the most chic bars and pubs, dam like the pages just to be cool, do we dislike, etc. Virtually all these lead to create a fake profile. When you are targeting ads rely on this behavior what we can create big problems.
Free Video Tutorials
Video Tutorials
What advantages do you think has the promotion through Facebook Ads? But the disadvantages? Waiting for your comments to complete this list together.

It is much easier to create a FB page dedicated company that likes to draw. It is also one of the strategies they recommend. To increase community on FB, and to promote proper products.

Advertisements should send the FB page as this keep visitors in their environment and is very easy to give like to – if we compare with subscribing to a newsletter.

Conversion tracking on your website.

Understanding the complete user experience.

Creating Great Facebook Ad Campaigns with the Ads Manager.Get to know the ad manager.

The basic ad functions. Supplying images for your ads.

Making headlines and text for your ads. Using interest targeting.

Targeting countries for likes. Facebook Ads

Targeting countries for AdSense, leads, and affiliate offers.

Targeting countries for sales. Squeeze page integration.

Trick for making many ad campaigns quickly. Daily budget discussion.

Pushing Limits with the Power Editor. Power Editor Tour. Copying campaigns.

Split testing campaigns. Placing ads where you want them.

Analyzing Results with Reports.

Importance of focusing on Cost Per Action.

Cost Per Like with one country.

Cost Per Like with many countries for maximum likes.

Cost Per Engagement.

Cost Per Conversion.

Maximum ROI Strategies.

Global max like campaigns.

Page post conversion ads.

Page post max engagement for affiliate traffic ads for AdSense.

Squeeze page email list building. Course Summary: What Can You Do Now?. How do you feel about reaching your goals on Facebook now?

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