How To Make Your Own Screen Captured Video Tutorials with Free Software!

In this tutorial you will see how to create your own screen captured video tutorials with freely available screen capture software and with Youtube online video editor.

I will show you all the tools you need to make your own quality screen capured video.

Se the video tutorial:

Trading tutorial you submit a screenshot, moving activity that unfolds live trading software, while it explain the details during use (the off, as they say in technical terms). It’s like standing next to the person that you explain in front of the computer that performs the procedure. The method is as effective as the presence of a specialist near you, because the film can be stopped and restarted whenever you like, in segments or completely. As would happen if the person you would explain again, this time without getting upset that you did not understand.


Screen Captured Video Tutorials with Free Software

To make a video tutorial you need a computer with a sound card and a microphone, possibly a webcam or a video camera if you want to register and you. Video camera’s video capture card required, if the room is older or digital storage has on the box.

You can use any computer operating system. I will propose software for Windows, because it is the operating system that I use now.

You need a software:
– Screen capture
– Recording and audio signal processing (optional)
– Video Editing

There are plenty of programs dedicated to these operations. As usual, I like -to looking for quality software for free. From experience I can say that most times you will find excellent quality software, freeware (free) or licensed open.

And this time I found, but had to look very carefully for several days and try different variations. Eventually I stopped the following three programs:

Soft screen capture: CamStudio

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