After Effects Tutorial: Girl out of the TV (22 min)

Learn how to create the creepy effect of Samara crawling out of the TV from the horror classic THE RING!

Adobe After Effects Tutorial, learn how to make animation

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In this Adobe After Effects Tutorial you wil learn how to make the grils out of tv

After Effects Tutorial

Been a while since the last tutorial for After Effects and even more from the date on which the request was made for this tutorial. Better late than never!

Has the subject “Animationit just a term that Rozomovist for “animated text.” Sure you’ve seen examples of something somewhere, and if not, anyway we Posts treating this kind of animation.

The topic is quite broad, and obviously there are many ways to accomplish something I tried to show my work process when it comes to this subject (well, one essentialized because I could not make a tutorial several hours ). It came out long enough although I tried to skip repetitive portions (over some). Better long than n” parts. Below, you have the tutorial and the final result. Enjoy and keep up the work.


Comments: After Effects Tutorial Girl out of the TV

Hello! I started such a video, and I used the BG ramp, but after rendering, does not appear smooth”, but I see dashes, circles forming gradient. We have exported to H.264. It may be of export, or there’s something I have missed? In the project, prior to export, looks very good.

I like thisĀ  After Effects Tutorials!!

I removed them in format .mov (QuickTime), DVCPRO HD 1080p30. A tip, not that I know very well but I like working and I think I can advise you that in my work, make sure the settings are the best settings to be higher kbps rate and I have it somewhere in 5000. If you posted the video on YouTube or another site, you can likui here to see what we have done. Bafta

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