Facebook Ads Tutorial 2015 (104 min)

Facebook Ads 2015 for Conversions to Website and  Facebook Advertising Power Editor | Facebook Ads

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Facebook advertising tutorial 2015 showing low cost conversions, power editor ad creation for sales, and analyzing existing campaigns and ad sets. | Facebook Ads Tutorial | Facebook tutorials

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2. Introduction Facebook Ads are placed Sponsored ads to promote businesses in the social network Facebook.

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3. Spend only what you want your advertising budget control Facebook Ads. You can choose a daily budget and one month or total. Pay only for results Using Facebook Ads, you pay only for those people who reached the site or your way, you will ensure that the budget is used to promote effective!

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4. Start now a promotional campaign through Facebook Ads! Contact an advisor now.
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5. How well can target the target audience? Unlike other systems Pay-Per-Click, Facebook Ads allow better targeting the specifica.Facebook Ads can identify and show ads only to oamenicare are truly interested in your product they can target the following: Location Age Sex Relationship Status related interests Education

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Studies show that 50% of consumers place more value on a company’s Facebook page than on its website. .Facebook Is a social network with the most users in the world and with the highest degree of interactivity. Number of Facebook users in Romania is 7.2 million, or about 73% of all Internet users in our country.
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Facebook pages are a powerful tool that companies can use to interact with those who are already customers, but can attract new customers by providing intelligent products and services they offer.
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If you do not have a Facebook page, we will achieve together and we will implement creative concept. Once created page, this will require Admin and promoting investment in content, meaning.


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