How To Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC (37 min)

You’ll see the 10 things that beginners want to know how to do. See how to edit a video from start to finish even if you’ve never used Premiere Pro or edited a video before. Adobe Premiere Pro CC Tutorial for Beginners.

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How To Get Started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC

Adobe Premiere Pro CC, CS6 is one of the most powerful nonlinear video editing solutions. Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 is the option multimedia professionals, thanks to intuitive interface and refined editing tools.

Customizable Interface

The first tutorial called “Basic” presents the interface and main functions that Adobe Premiere Pro offers you. From the beginning I want to mention that Premiere Pro is specifically for special effects, but is more designed for mounting clips. To apply special effects is recommended another program from Adobe suite.

This tutorial is online education institutions  Premiere Pro CC produced a set of basic video tutorials, tutorials for the new version of PR cc for a detailed explanation, but to good English job.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC is that Adobe Creative Cloud Adobe CC series of professional video production and editing software, the new Premiere CC allows you to video for more delicate control, regardless of various video media, can be freely imported and combined then edit the native form, without the need to spend time transcoding.

As featured tool combined video professionals, Adobe Premiere Pro CC with powerful, customizable, non-linear editor, so you want to be precise editing video. Premiere CC offers several new features and enhancements, you can enrich your digital video editing experience:

Premiere Pro CC with Premiere Pro CS6 is very similar, but made significant improvements and added new features. Added support for multi-GPU, which will allow users to take advantage of all of GPU resources, allowing multiple Adobe Premiere Pro CC line rendering in the background. Redesigned Timeline, including new shortcuts and new Paste Properties dialog box. Link” and “positioning” to help users easily find the desired file editing process. Muticam added multi-track audio editing synchronization. The new closed captioning. Built more codecs and native formats. The latest Lumetri Deep color engine, color grading and more efficient.

Intuitive Workflow
• Support RED Epic & Scarlet-X
• Support ARRI Alexa & Canon C300
Engine: Mercury Playback 64-bit
3-Way Color Correction improved
Rolling Shutter Repair effect
Shake Reduction: Warp Stabilizer

 This is the main difference between the two programs.


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