How to install wordpress locally with wamp (for beginners)

This video is how to install wordpress locally with the use of wamp server

How to Install WordPress on a local server

Before you grab the file changes “php” in WordPress, I recommend you download and install the best free text editor: Notepad ++.
To install WordPress locally on the PC, so your personal computer, I recommend you read the following article: “How do I make a local ServerWeb Windows – online or offline”, then … get to concrete things:
Download WordPress zip package from here. Dezarhived content we will see the emergence of a folder called “wordpress”. Copy its contents in the “www” in the installation directory of “WampServer” (usually c: \ wamp \ www).
After I copied the contents of the folder “wordpress” in the “www” wp-config-looking sample.php file and open it using Notepad ++ text editor to edit, rename, and finally to save.
Part of the original code file wp-config-sample.php look like this:

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How to Install WordPress on a local server
Shane Arthur presents a method to install WordPress blogging platform on a local server (PC) using WampServer program. This method is useful for those who want to learn to work with WordPress before to start your own blog.

We watch a video tutorial that teaches how to install a web server or http.
This job is not difficult, requiring only little attention and concentration movie showing in detail the operation.
The software we refer to the tutorial is actually a mini suite of programs: mSQL, php, phpmyadmin, sqlite manager of programs put together by some very skilled software developers thank them this way.
The tutorial is part of a series of video tutorials longer and the construction and maintenance of websites, simple and within the reach of everyone.
Wamp server is also an easy to use application that can not raise special problems nuts even for beginners.
More details can be obtained from the following tutorial but also those that will follow on this topic very interesting.


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